The Best Cheap Shoes That Look Like Vans


Having some awesome kicks is a big part of being a fashionable geek, but paying full price sucks.  So in this article we are taking a look at affordable shoes similar to Vans.  We look at the absolute most affordable, a middle tier, and a pair of Nike shoes that are similar to vans too.

Influence Shoes are a great price and similar to Vans.

My Experience with Cheap Shoes:

Cheap shoes can be hit or miss.  Some of them feel similar to more expensive shoes, and last just as long, but others just don’t. So make sure you read through reviews like this one online so that you don’t get burned.

Best Affordable Shoes by Influence

shoes that look like vans Influence has a set of really cheap shoes like Vans which cost between $12 and $25 dollars per pair. The final price depends on which size and color you would like to purchase.  Similar to Vans they have have a durable rubber sole, and the shoe itself is made of canvas.  Influence suggests they are extra light and comfortable to wear.

Reviewers suggest they wouldn’t wear these if I was going to be on my feet for extended periods, but otherwise they are a fashionable and affordable alternative to Vans.  I suggest you check them out further info from reviewers here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price
  • Many colors available
  • Poor foot support, but fashionable and affordable

Affordable Nike Shoes that look like Vans

nike shoes similar to vans Nike’s Zoom Stefan Janoski Canvas Skating shoe is a fine looking shoe with far better support for your foot then the Influence model above.  However, your going to pay extra for that support. They start at an affordable range, but click the product image for the most up to date prices.

Reviewers suggest these shoes are a combination of style and comfort.  Although, some folks suggest that like many Nike shoes these are too narrow.  Discover more from reviewers here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price
  • Very comfortable
  • Narrow like most Nike shoes

Cheap DC Slip-on Shoes

Another set of affordable shoes, not as cheap as the influence model mentioned above, but for shoes not too expensive.  They are fabric instead of canvas unlike the influence model, but do come with a similar rubber sole. These shoes also have a nicer elastic fit to them meaning they don’t have as much support as the Nikey Zoom’s, but pull ahead of the Influence model yet again.  However, you pay an additional $30 or so for these shoes. Find out more about these middle tier shoes here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price
  • Elastic fit slip-on
  • Fabric not canvas



I’d suggest the DC slip-on’s are a great place to start, but if your just looking to fill out your closet with some cheaper, but still fashionable footwear the influencers are a good place to start. If cheap and affordable means less than $100 dollars to you, then I’d for sure, place an order for the Nikey Zooms.  All three choices could fit you needs depending on the size of your wallet, and support needed for your feet.

Thanks for reading another review, and I hope you found this helpful.  Please make sure you leave a comment below if you’ve found an other pair of shoes that are like Vans.  Stay healthy, stay geeky.

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