The Best Superhero T-shirts for Men or Women

superhero t-shirt for men

The best superhero T-shirts for men and women can be hard to find, but this guide will have a variety for all occasions.  Creating a wardrobe that reflects who you are, and your interests can have a variety of benefits.  One it will help other geeky folks identify your interests, so it should help you meet people with similar interests. However there are a great deal of pitfalls when it comes to fashion, so I’ve written about some geek fashion tips in this post here.  As I outline in that post, I’m not a fashion expert, but have been following similar guidelines with my own fashion purchases.

Geek Fashion:

Below I give you a variety of Superhero T-shirts that meet the different criteria I outline in my ‘Fashion Geek Clothing’ post.  Also is a Amazon affiliate which means if you click any of the links below, and purchase from Amazon then you’ll be supporting the blog…thanks!

Be Original

You don’t need to be completely different to be original, even just a small variation from a classic can separate you from the crowd. An example of this is the Batman shirt on the right. It is slightly different then what the majority of Batman fans wear, but still clearly shows your a fan boy!

Less is More

Unfortunately many of us need to dress to a professional standard at work, which means that most normal t-shirts are out of the question.  However a decent polo with the SHIELD symbol on it fits the bill!

Fly under the Radar

One of my favourite superhero t-shirts for men is this Stark Industries shirt.  Not everyone who reads the shirt is going to understand your an Iron Man fan, but those that do get it will respect the thought that you’ve put into your shirt.  This shirt also comes in a variety of colours, is the cheapest shirt on this list, is available for both men and women, and comes in two different styles.

Be Funny

If you aren’t going to follow the less is more and flying under the radar principles then you should at least be funny.  These are the types of shirts I would wear to conventions and gaming stores. The red science shirt on the right is an awesome example of this, and with the popularity of Ironman it should get a laugh out of everyone!  Shirts like this can be great conversation starters, and us geeks sometimes need all the help we can get in this situation. It is available for both men and women, click the image for more details.

Avoid Black

Despite the fact that I do have a couple black or dark shirts here I do recommend that you avoid black, or at the least you could wear a brighter under shirt with the polo, or maybe a red hoody to go with the black shirt Stark Industries shirt.  In fact the Stark Industries shirt  comes in a variety of colours, so pick something besides black!

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