Thrawn After Rebels Season 4


So another one of the biggest mysteries in Star Wars who is supreme leader snoke?

As fans we always love to try to make connections but the truth is snoke most likely just supreme leader snoke.

So then the question is where did Snoke come from?

Was he part of the empire? He seems to know a lot about Palpatine and Darth Vader?

Or is he some sort of force user from the unknown regions?

We know that Palpatine was very interested in the unknown regions. But why is this?

Well we can assume that he was interested in finding any threats that might overthrow his Empire?

He’d also be interested in finding resources for the Death Star construction.

And we also know that he was always on the lookout for artifacts that would increase his knowledge and power.

However we have learned and in the empires end novel that Palpatine could feel an evil presence calling to him from the unknown regions.

So perhaps this is why Palpatine was so interested in the unknown regions.

One way that Palpatine was able to explore the unknown regions was through Grand Admiral thrawn. The Chiss come from the unknown regions of course.

We know from the thrawn novel, that Thrawn was mapping hyperspace routes into the Known Unknown regions for Emperor Palpatine.

We also know that we do not see or hear about Grand Admiral thrawn during the original trilogy.

So it isn’t much of a stretch to think that perhaps Palpatine sent thrawn into the unknown regions.

But in search of what?

Perhaps it was a Sith artifact, perhaps it was for a supply of duneum for the Death Star, or perhaps it was to find the great evil that was calling to Emperor Palpatine.

Perhaps that evil was supreme leader snoke.

But why would Thrawn be willing to hunt down supreme leader snoke?

Perhaps Palpatine will threaten to attack the chiss ascendancy.

Or maybe he would manipulate Thrawn by telling him to hunt down and destroy this great evil to defend his home world and the empire.

Palpatine could easily plant someone in Thrawns crew that would kill Throne once he found Snoke.

To me this sounds like a great trilogy of books for Thrawn. It would also be an interesting movie but I think that is far less likely.


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