Education Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep



Sleeping is the most overlooked and least used weight loss tool you have a your disposal, and finding educational tips to get a good night sleep is easier then you think!  Sleep Education may help you fall asleep at night, but it will also have you thinking about sleeping better. And if you are sleeping better then you are going to have more energy for the geeky things you love to do, like watching or reading about Smaug being woken up from his stupendous sleep!

Challenge: Sleep Education

The idea is that you will be reading and taking notes for at least 10-30 minutes a day. If you really want to learn something you should be taking down the occasional note to refer back to.  I like to do this on my phone or tablet. Using the Overdrive app, or Kindle app I read, and I take my notes in Evernote, so that the are backed-up and safe in the cloud.

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Discover Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep

Books: The library is a great place to pick up a book or two on better sleeping habits, used book stores are also a good place to find a bargin, but is a great place to find books because to the variety they have, and all the read reviews.

Digital Books: These can be downloaded on Amazon as well or you can, can use OverDrive to download a book from your local library.

Blogs: blogs purely on sleeping are rarer then education and nutrition blogs, but there is tons of information on sleeping kicking around the internet.  Just make sure you are reading information on a large reliable site, not just a site designed to sell you sleeping pills.

What Helps Get a Good Night Sleep? Listening!

Audiobooks: This is a great way to “read” a book because you can still work on a project while reading, or you can listening while exercising, or even commuting.

Do the Challenge:

Sleep is very important! People who live longer sleep more! Even super heroes need there sleep, so why not educate yourself on the best possible practices. It will give you the energy you need to geek more. Take action now…

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