Top Workout Apps for Beginners


So you’re looking for some top workout apps, but your not a fitness guru, in fact, maybe you know absolutely nothing about fitness. Don’t worry. There’s an app for that! It is totally amazing what fitness apps can do for you, and you’ve come to right place to find the best of the best!

The 30 day Challenge

The idea with these challenges is that you download an app that will help you get started with an exercise routine for 30 days. Whether it is walking, running, or yoga doesn’t matter, the point here is to get yourself moving! You’ll be surprised how awesome you feel after just a little exercise. Not sure what this challenge business is all about? Click here to get the details, or if you’d like to see more fitness challenges click here.

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Best Workout Apps

Daily Yoga (All in One) is an app that will help beginners get started, or for the more advanced it will give you some exercise ideas, so you don’t need to think through each move yourself.  With more then forty five yoga sessions, and a total of over 300 poses it has the variety needed to keep you going long-term. As I’ve mention elsewhere on the site, my experience with yoga has been extremely positive, improving strength, posture, endurance, flexibility, and helping to calm and clear the mind.


RunDouble Couch to 5k is another one of our top workout apps that will help you literally get up off the couch, and go run that 5 kilometer race! What is awesome about this app is that it acts like a personal trainer, telling you exactly what needs to be done and even prompts you to change pace.  C25K will track your time, distance and pace, and will actual announce them to you at the end of each km or interval.

 More Top Fitness Apps

Daily Workout App is a great alternative to C25K, if you live in a cold climate, or just do not enjoy yoga, this app will get you moving with a variety of exercises in the home. With over 50 exercises all demonstrated on video you can target specific parts of your body in 5 to 10 minutes, or do a full body superhero workout in 10 to 30 minutes.

Push-up app is pretty straight froward…you do push-ups until you look like the Hulk.  Well maybe not, but if your to manly for yoga, then is the app for you!

The Lift App is a top fitness app for tracking your health and general productivity goals. You check in and record that you have completed your daily or weekly goals, and get props (likes) from others trying to complete the same goal.  It’s a great way to track your goals and more information is coming about this great app.

These top workout apps will be kicking your behind in no time. Remember, the hardest part of a 30 day fitness challenge is usually the first week, get through that, and it’s all down hill from there! Again the challenge is to complete a short walk, run, yoga routine, or exercise routine each day for 30 days.  Get through that first 30 days, and you’ll be building some momentum.  If you miss one day, getting back on the horse the next day is extremely important.

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