Turn Family Time into Geek Time

Turning family time into geek time can be a great way to share your love of comics, movies, gaming, or any hobby with your children.  It shouldn’t mean that you never do things which your children choose to do, of course, it just means at times you’ll share the things you love with your children.

Geek Time:

Personally, I love to paint wargaming miniatures while my oldest girl paints, or colours,  and I feel like it is a great way to share my hobby with her.  She is getting to the point now that I will be able to actually give her a miniature to paint, and I’m looking forward to that day very soon!

I also love to read to my children at bed time, and will start with some of their books, and then finish by reading some of my fantasy or Sci-fi books as I suggest in my challenge journal.  I really enjoyed reading the Hobbit to my daughters, as this was one book that really captured my imagination when I was young.

Clear Challenge Co-ordination

Pick something geeky you wish to do with your children, or even your significant other, or parents for that matter, and challenge yourself to do this activity at least three times a week. Planning out a routine is a good idea, and you never know, this may lead to regular family and geek time for much longer then just 30 days! What’s that? You don’t know about our 30 challenges.  Find more about them here, or discover other geek stuff challenges here.

So here is a short list of ideas for you to think about.  As with all challenges reflect on why you are going to do it, and what will ensure your dedication…

1) Reading: As mentioned above, sharing your love of reading with your children, is an amazing gift for them.  Your are teaching them and sharing time with them.  But how does this become geek time? There are many geeky children’s books that can be found online, or lots of graphic novels, though I’d suggest you pick-up a comical on violent version. And as mentioned above you can read your regular chapter book, personally I always find the helps my girls fall asleep.

2) Geeky Toys: just make sense.  I ashamed to admit it, but life is busy and tiring, and sometimes I lack the motivation to really engage in fun playing time with my girls.  However, if I happen to invest in the latest ‘The Hobbit’ lego set, then I have more motivation to share my love of the characters with my daughters, and won’t mind cleaning up the mess we are sure to make. So pick-up something fun to play with and get started…

3) Hobby Time: is a great way to share something you love with your kids.  It has long been said that those people with hobbies are happier.  This is most likely because those people are accomplishing small goals, and generally when people meet goals they feel happy. So, share your hobby with children, maybe even have a hobby night, and hopefully they grow to lead happy hobby lives. Try it for thirty days, and you may just end up with a family tradition! Pick a game, create a regular gaming night for a month…it just may become your favourite night of the week!

4) Gaming: has long been a family tradition, and why not get your kids started early.  There are all sorts of games for kids of all ages.  I even have games  I play with my two year old called *frog and *thing.  If you have  slightly older kids, and are looking for a game, I suggest you pick something up which uses symbols so that even if they don’t have a high level of reading comprehension, they’ll still understand rules related to the symbols.convey the

5) Movies: are often too violent or scary to share with young children, just like my girls, but you can always buy books and toys as mention above, so that they can become familiar with your favourit film and the characters.  Many popular movies also have great cartoons that can be watched with younger kids too, but I’ve found the conflict in most Star Wars or Tron cartoonscartoon is too much for my two year old. I really enjoyed the cartoons though and look forward to the day when we can sit down and watch them together.  Many of these cartoon series can be found ob n Netflix…and you can find a free30 day trail here.

So lets face it…we all want more time to do the things we love.  And above are several challenges which will allow you to do just that, plus they will lead to you spending more fun time with your family, so what are you waiting for! Commit and challenge yourself to do two things we could all do more of, spend time doing something we love with those we love.

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