Unflavored Hemp Protein Powder Review

Unflavored Hemp protein powder is awesome. It’s vegan, it’s sustainable, and it really helps bulk you up so that you can pick up as many barbells as you can fit on your back (which is one. Always one).

If you haven’t tried hemp protein before, no problem. I’ve got your back. Give any of these unflavored hemp protein powders a shot, and you’ll be saying “no whey” in no time!

Viva Labs – Organic Hemp Protein –

Let’s just get this out of the way: go buy some Viva Labs organic hemp protein. It’s affordable and has enough protein in it that you can mix it into just about anything for that amino acid boost you’re looking for.

You get 15 protein, 1g sugar and 8g carbs (it’s plant-based, so you get carbs), 7g fiber that counteracts a lot of the carbs, and only 110 calories. And hey, no gluten!

Viva Labs’ protein has a light flavor profile with some nuttiness, but not bad. The texture can be a little gritty, but if you’re baking with it, you won’t even notice. It’s not so earthy as other hemp powders, so I think you owe it to yourself to try this unflavored hemp protein powder out.  Order from a trusted online retailer here.


high carbs but high fiber, light flavor, cheaper than competitors, and good protein for the calories. Excellent to bake with.

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 – 

Manitoba Harvest knows how to make some hemp protein. If you have tummy issues, you don’t have to worry about this one. Unlike a lot of whey powders, you can rest assured that hemp won’t give you any trouble. If you need it to be Kosher, too, well…here ya go!

The Hemp Pro70 clocks in with 2g fiber, 3.4g omega fats (which you don’t find in other unsweetened hemp protein powder), and 20g protein. All of which is super cool and what you want out of a hemp supplement.

Hemp is known for its weird texture and odd taste. Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Pro70 does not. It’s smooth and nutty with no added flavors, so you can rest assured that you’re not going to have to choke it down. It mixes well, so your blender can stay nice and clean in the pantry. Purchase Hemp Pro 70 here.


No tummy issues, vegetarian, great texture (smooth), low flavor, contains omega fats, and is Kosher.

Find the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein current price by clicking the image above.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein –

Nutiva has the coveted USDA organic certification, and doesn’t use a single but of hexane solvent or other chemicals during processing. You do get a complete protein and amino acid profile here, and that’s rare for most unflavored protein powders.

It is on the lower side of protein with 11g per 80 calories, but since the calories are so low, you can just double up and use it however you want. It might make you use your canister of the stuff faster, so you might have to buy more often. Just keep that in mind–the cost may need to be adjusted in your budget.

What I think is really cool is that all the containers for Nutiva’s organic hemp protein don’t have any BPA. I’m the kind of person who watches out for that, so it did my heart good to see them take that extra bit of care for their customers.  Discover more about this hemp protein here.


has all 9 essential amino acids for a complete protein, low calories and protein, could be cost inefficient depending on how much you use per dose

Find the Nutivia Hemp Protein current price by clicking the image above.

What do you think about these unflavored hemp protein powder options?

If it’s not clear, I like hemp protein. I like that it’s veg and that I don’t have to worry about animal cruelty. And I’m also a big fan of how my stomach doesn’t get upset as often as with other unflavored protein powders. There are a lot of good choices here, and even though I tend to use Manitoba Harvest personally, I like all three of these enough to endorse.

So scroll up and click on the image of the product that fits your needs most.  Thanks for reading about these unflavored hemp protein powder options , stay healthy and stay geeky!

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