Unflavored Organic Protein Powder

When you’re lifting heavy, you have to fuel your body right. You have to get the right nutrients and the right amount of protein for muscle synthesis. If you’re putting that much time and effort and energy  into your body, you should only put the best organic protein powder in it, too.

It just makes sense.

If you ask me, which you did, there are three top contenders for the best unflavored organic protein powder. Lots of good ones are on the market, but you don’t want good. You want the best.

So here we go!

Levels Unflavored 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein –

Price is a major concern for protein powder. In a lot of ways, you pay for what you get, and Levels Grass Fed Whey is no exception. It’s very high quality, but also very high dollar.

You can get it in single-serving packets, which are awesome to give this unflavored protein powder a try first.

The cows Levels gets their whey from are pasture-raised, and of course, organically grass-fed. For 26g protein in 140 calories, you also get 3g carbs and 2g sugar. Nothing else, though. No soy lecithin or anything else. No other additives. You can mix it well by itself, in either water or milk. Purchase from a reliable online retailer here.


expensive but comes in single serving packs, environmentally friendly, very high protein.

Click on the image above for the current price.

NorCal Organic Whey Protein – 

Like Levels, NorCal’s flavorless organic protein powder is packaged for individual servings. Made and sourced entirely in North California (obviously!), and it is certified GMO-free! Hooray!

And its ingredients match its serving size: single. Nothing but whey here, folks. With 1g of natural sugars and 2g carbs, you get 21g protein for all your organic whey needs.

You should know, though, this one needs to be put through the blender. It’s not going to mix well, and even NoCal says so. When the company tells you to do it, you do it. Right?

If you drink it alone, it’s sweet, but like most unflavored protein powder, it’s best when you add in all your favorite ingredients like peanut butter and bananas. Mmmm…purchase here.


non-GMO certified, locally sourced in North California, but it sure doesn’t mix well if you’re not using a blender.

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Natural Force Grass Fed, Organic Unflavored Whey Protein Powder – 

And rounding out our list is the winner of the Longest Unflavored Organic Whey Protein Powder award! (Which is ironically long in and of itself.)

This one is cheap compared to other organic protein powders, and is once again a single-ingredient product. There is nothing hidden here–just pure whey protein. It’s certified organic by the USDA, and Natural Force makes sure to mention that no hormones are used in the cows, either rBST or rBGH.

You’re getting 2g carbs (only 1 of which is from the 1g sugar in it), 20g protein, and 100 calories. I think this one’s a pretty good option for your daily driver. Read more about Natural Force Grass Fed Protein here.


one ingredient, not a single hormone, cheaper than most, and certified organic.

Click on the image above for the current price.

Which organic protein powder is best, though?

I really can’t say. If you’re choosy, you probably can’t go wrong with any of these. Your best bet is to try the ones that come individually packaged and see if they work for you. If they do, grab a whole canister and get ready for an organic protein powder that will make you squat your glutes off!

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