What is the Best Sleep Aid Product?

What is the Best Sleep Aid

Welcome Be a Healthy Geek, where today we answer the question, what is the best sleep aid product? Improving your sleep can be an easy and effective way to increase your overall health, unless you have children, then your more interested in improving their sleep. Which ever boat your in, these sleeping aids should be able to help you sleep like a dwarf baby, or at least I imagine dwarf babies sleep really well? I’m not sure if Tolkien mentioned it in any of his books!?

Anyway enough about dwarf babies, purchasing and using a sleep aid product is just one of our sleep challenges. If you haven’t looked at all our 30 day sleeping challenges you can find them here.  If you are interested in learning about how our various 30 day challenges will help you develop a healthier lifestyle or help you find more geek or hobby time, please visit this page here.

The Sleep Aid That Works Best For You?

When selecting a sleeping aid think about the events and problems that prevent you from getting a good sleep.  Neighbors, traffic, discomfort, heat, kids? You need to select a sleep aid that works best for you…

1) Conair Sound Therapy – a very popular, but not particularly well known sleeping aid is the sound machine. With several different settings including rain the Conair can help you or your children fall asleep and stay asleep.  In addition the Conair model is sold at a much more resonable price then many other sound therapy devices.  You maybe thinking I have one of these for my kids already, but it is most likely that sound therapy machine only stays on for a limited amount of time were as the Conair machine will stay on all night cancelling out noise and relaxing you or your child all night long.  Read the over one thousand reviews on Amazon.com, and if you decide to purchase you’ll be supporting the site, thank you.

2) Dream Essentials – If relaxing sounds don’t help you sleep, and all you really want is peace and quiet, then perhaps the more traditional ear plugs and sleeping mask are just what you need. I personally have used both, and I’ll admit they take some getting use to, but can really help you get a good night’s rest if you live by a highway or busy city intersection. Dream essentials has you covered here.

3) Memory Foam Pillow: for many people pillows aren’t considered a sleeping aid, but truly there could be no greater aid for getting a good night sleep then the right pillow, sheets, and mattress.  I recommended the Classic Brands Conforma because of it’s great reviews you can see here.

Free Alternatives:

Evening Walk: When the weather permits I will often take my family out for a walk right after supper.  The fresh air and little bit of exercise can go along way to helping everyone fall asleep and stay sleep. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always co-operate.

Deep breathing is something that can help you fall asleep. You could develop your deep breathing abilities by taking a yoga class, or watching the various yoga videos on Youtube.com. This could help you combine an fitness challenge with a sleeping challenge!

Relaxation techniques: When I was younger, I wanted to live in Middle Earth, but I was also a competitive swimmer.  And one thing I learned during my time as a competitive swimmer is visualization.  Basically, relaxing and visualizing your technique in the water. Basically while practicing the above mentioned deep breathing exercises, you relax your body from your head to your toes. Not all at once, but with each long breath you relax another section of your body.

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