What is the Best Workout App?

what is the best workout app

You can take your fitness routine to the next level by joining a fitness social network, but what is the best workout app or network?  Below are the best health and fitness apps that allow you to access the workout social network sites, and are more then just another Facebook for gym rats or runners.  They are supportive communities, that will track your workouts, and in some cases drive you to improve on your workout.  So just like Bruce Wayne uses all the technology he can to fight crime, I suggest you use all the technology you can to fight fat!

Workout Social Network Challenge:

The challenge here is straight forward, download and log into your workout social network daily for 30 days. Record your workouts, and hopefully for this extra effort you get the support and motivation you need. Remember we are creating a routine and a habit that you want to maintain much longer then thirty days, but if the app isn’t motivating, then move on to another challenge.

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workout_social_networkIf you would like to see the big picture of how our challenges are suppose to work click here: 30 Day Challenge list, or if you want to learn about other fitness challenges see this post: 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Alright, so what is the best workout app today?

Best Health and Fitness Apps

1) Fitocracy is a free social media service that allows you to earn points and level up, just like a role playing game. It will track your workouts, and allow you to share to social media, although some types of workouts are missing.  Checkout the Android and iOS apps.

2) Lift is a great way to track your goals. It is a supportive community of people that will literally give you props when you log in and share that you’ve worked out.  The advantage is that you can track all your goals in this one location, but the draw back is that you can’t track the type of workouts just how many times you preform them. They now have both Android and iOS apps.

3) FitDay is an all in one service that allows you to track your workouts and nutrition habits. At approximately $6/per month it is a lot more expensive then free, but as you’d expect, you get what you pay for with this fitness and nutrition tracker.  See a full review here. (coming soon)

4) Map My Run App: is a great running app that simply tracks your running and allows you to post your times and route to social media. It can really impact your running because you’ll have a better idea of how fast your running per km, how far you’ve run, and will motivate you to run faster, as it will post to your Facebook timeline every km. I don’t think this is for everyone, as your sharing your running route, but I’ve found it helpful…as I discuss in my challenge best_fitness_app_todaylog. FInd the Android and iOS apps here.

Final Verdict:

If you have the money then FitDay would be a great investment, I’d suggest Fitocracy if you’re short on cash.  Whatever you do try one, no one needs to be as ripped as the hulk, but even so, we could all use a little motivational help right? Try one of these apps today and get started now. Please share this if you found it helpful, and thank you for reading: What is the Best Workout app and Social Network? Checkout our latest articles here at beahealthygeek.com

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