Who Will Die in Star Wars Rebels Season 4 – Scum and Villainy Edition

So for those of you who remember Ruhk from Legends, and admittedly I’ve just heard I haven’t actually read the thrawn trilogy. He is the one that actually ends up killing thrown in the end.

Now I think it would be amazing if Dave filoni and the crew at lucasfilm decided to have Rook try to kill Throne yet again only to be defeated only tto be defeated by thrawn.

I think this would pay homeage to the legends character and novels but would put a new spin on the old story not to mention be quite the surprise for those who had read the book.

But now let’s move on to some of your ideas about whether or not Rook as Morgan or Hondo Will Survive season 4 of Star Wars Rebels.

It’s always fun to to read and share your ideas.

Star Commander and Kirkland TV suggest that Hondo is too much of a smooth talker to die in season 4.

I think he’s absolutely correct but I also like the idea that Hondo may actually do something heroic to save azra in the ghost crew and help them defeat the empire. It would justify azra believing in Hondo all this time.

We haven’t seen vizago since season 1 so it’d be interesting to see him in season 4 we have seen in the trailer that we see bazakos ship headed towards what looks like either Mustafar or Lothal?


So it is very likely that we might see vizago on his ship getting shot down by Imperial Star Destroyers.

Though he like Hondo is pretty cunning so I’m sure he would make it quick Escape. Or perhaps he won’t actually be on the freighter and has only loaned it out to the rebels.

For a price of course.

Assmorigan will die!

Chris over at the Starrapter channel

And Wolf’s burg United both suggest that Assmorigan should die a horrible death for being so annoying.

And I’m sure Hera wouldn’t mind seeing him go…

If that does happen I’m sure Hondo will be behind it making sure that he gets more of the cut of the profits.

I’m not a huge fan of death being funny but in this case I think it might be appropriate.

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