Who will Die in Star Wars Rebels Season 4? Predictions and Theories – Part 1

Hello and welcome to the Healthy Geek Blog where today I’ll be sharing some predictions about who will die in Star Wars Rebels Season 4! I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and I’m sure you are too, so let’s get right into the predictions.


So first, we need to keep in mind that this is a children’s show on Disney XD. So personally I don’t think there will be a lot of death in season 4. However, I do believe their is at least one individual who is going to die. In fact he is my favorite character in Star Wars Rebels.

Kanan’s Death:

I believe Kanan will die in Star Wars rebels season 4. This makes me sad, but at the same time I think it could be a glorious hero’s death fitting for a great character. Freddy Prince Jr. and Dave Filoni have both discussed Kanan’s death in interviews stating that Freddy thought Kanan may actutally die in season one of Star Wars Rebels.

That didn’t happen, but if they were thinking about it that early in the seasons, then they most likely are considering it in season 4. You should also consider that at Star Wars celebration 2017 the way Freddie was talking it surely seemed like Kanan would not survive season 4 of Star Wars Rebels.

Below is a great video that details some of the ways that Kanan could meet his end in season 4. But however he dies we know that it will be because he will sacrifice himself to protect his family.


Ezra’s Death:

But if Kanan dies will Ezra also die? Will Darth Vader hunt down both Kanan and Ezra as most of the novels both canon and legends suggest should happen? Ezra’s Death I believe would actually involve him sacrificing himself for his friends and family, but it might also be sacrificing himself to protect his home planet of Lothal.

In this video on Ezra’s Death, there is a detailed theory as to how this could work:


Ezra Bridger Season 4

Despite the interesting theory and prediction in the video above, I think Ezra is one character that will survive Star Wars Rebels season 4. Why am I so certain you ask? Well Ezra is like the new Luke Skywalker for a new generation of children.

Disney and Lucas film have spent a lot of time developing the character, and despite many adults not liking the character, most young people are really into him.

But how exactly would Ezra Survive in Season 4 of Rebels? Well, Kanan of course. Ezra’s master will sacrifice himself as I mentioned above already. Kanan, Kallus, and Zeb could all die a heroic death trying to take down Darth Vader. Wouldn’t that be amazing to see?

Here is one more video with some details on how Ezra could survive season 4 of Star Wars Rebels.




So that is it for part one of my who will die in Star Wars Rebels season 4 post. Will Kanan and Ezra die? I honestly hope that they don’t! We do however need to start preparing ourselves for the worst! Personally I can’t wait for season 4! Until next time stay healthy and stay geeky.

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