Why is Fitness Education Important?

Fitness Education

When you’re used to reading or listening for pleasure, the idea of reading a fitness book or listening to a fitness podcast is about as appealing as a slap up side the head from the Hulk himself.  However, if you’ve started a workout routine such as running or yoga, then you may actually be interested in furthering your education on training techniques. I know for me, I’m very interested in running a marathon in the future, and would like to further my education, on how the professionals suggest you prepare.  I’m also interested in getting back into weight lifting, not in the gym, but having a home gym, or until I get more disposable income at least, a home fitness routine.

For me this education doesn’t consist of figuring out how to be the best runner in my home town, it involves learning how to get more for less.  So I enjoy reading authors like Pete Cerqua, who suggests in his book “The High Intensity Fitness Revolution” you can get more out of shorter intense workouts. I want to still have time and energy to do the things I love such as watching movies, gaming, and spending time with my family.

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The 30 Day Challenge:

First off, I suggest you challenge yourself to actually start a workout routine before educating yourself on the topic. Seems counter intuitive I know, but we all need to take action, and get ourselves moving.  Don’t take this challenge thinking you’ll start running, walking, or doing yoga next week.  Start now, and use these tips in this article to help you be successful.

So for the challenge itself, it’s pretty straight forward. Choose a way to educate yourself from the list below, and listen or reading for 10-30mins per day.  Maybe your saying, “I don’t have the time!” The list below is how I find time:

  • After reading several kids books to my daughters at night, I’ll then switch to reading one of my books.  
  • When commuting to work I enjoy listening to audiobooks. Funny enough I enjoy music, but most of the time prefer listening to an audiobook.
  • Listen to a podcast during your morning routine.  When I’m well rested I’ll often turn on a podcast well I’m shaving in the morning, and well I’m eating breakfast.  Though this only works if the kids haven’t gotten up early!
  • I will often begin lunch by reading a blog post. I’m a middle school teacher, so often it’s just nice to escape my sometimes stressful job before going to chat with other staff.
  • I often listen to audiobooks or podcast well doing dishes or cleaning

As always you should reflect on:

  1. Why you are doing the challenge?
  2. What will help you be successful?
  3. And, when you plan to carry out your action?

Fitness Education Revolution:

We are living in a time where there is an absolutely ton of information available on just about any topic, and most of it is free!  But if you have more time then money, purchasing content is the best way to get what you want when you want.  Here is a list of seven ways to educate yourself on fitness:


Physical books can often be picked up online at a discount price or locally at a used book store, if you still have any in your area.  And of course there is always the local library too.

Digital books on Amazon.com are popular, quick, and cheaper then regular books. At least they are most of the time! You maybe surprised that your local library most likely has a lot of digital books for download as well. I use the app OverDrive to download these books, and read on the go.  I like it because I can easily flip between the OverDrive app, and the Evernote app, which is great for taking notes with.

Blogs: as already mentioned there is a ton of content online, the biggest challenge is finding the best quality content. But if you are willing to search you can learn about any topic you want.


Audiobooks are a great way to absorb information well cleaning up the house, or on your daily commute.  They can, however, be pretty pricey, unless you are downloading them from your local library’s website.  You can also get free books by signing up at Audible.com or Audiobooks.com.  Audible has the larger library, so I’d suggest you go with them.

Podcasts: Another great way to educate yourself is by listening to fitness podcasts. They can help you keep motivated, and teach you the basics. They also, like blogs, usually have a following and community which you can interact with.

Documentaries: are another way to educate or motivate yourself. Netflix is a great place to find these documentaries, and allows you to watch them on the go…


You can also education yourself by attending conferences, getting a personal trainer, or even joining a gym.

Just Do It

Education is important if you want to continue to challenge yourself to improve or maintain your fitness.  If you don’t educate yourself, and just keep doing the same old exercise you’re going to get bored, and stop. Trying new routines is important to long-term success.

I know I’d rather be reading fiction or listening to a gaming podcast, but finding 10mins a day to read about fitness is going help you stay motivated, and working towards your goals.  And as I tell my students, don’t suffer through a bad book, if it isn’t interesting try something else…there are tons of ways to educate yourself.

If you have read a great fitness book or blog then please share the name in the comments below.  And if you found this post help then please share it via the social media buttons below, or checkout the latest posts at beahealthygeek.com

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